24 VDC power CHARM

First post to this community, so I hope I'm in the right place.  My question is as follows-  I need to bring a 3 wire AI device (O2 monitor) to CHARM IO.  My LBP recommend that I use a 24 VDC power CHARM (KL300X1-BA1) in conjunction with an AI CHARM.  Trouble is, I can't  find out how to commission this power CHARM.  I'm unable to enable the CHARM address, as there is no option for this device type in the enable dialog.  CHARM Auto Sense does not recognize the presence of the device.  The field instrument, of course, is not powered.  I've opened a service call with my Guardian account, but they seem stumped and have not replied.  I'm operating DeltaV 11.3.1.  The power charm is solid red, the AI CHARM is flashing red.  Any help or insight from this community will be appreciated.

  • Hello Eric, I recommend reading this white paper how to commission this device with Charms. It sounds like you are having loop power issue due to wiring. This White paper might shed some light. Let me know if this helps or how you resolve this issue. As for the 24 Vdc charm, I am assuming it was suppose to power the device. Have you verify with a fluke that the device has power or is there a display on the device that you can verify?
    www2.emersonprocess.com/.../WP_CHARM Commissioning.pdf
  • Did you ensure that power was wired to the baseplate power terminals locate at the top of the baseplate on the left hand side?
  • The 24 VDC Power CHARM requires DeltaV v12.3 or later software to be able to configure and use the Diagnostic Information so you will need to upgrade to be able to use it.
  • We were able to use the 24 VDC Power CHARM with DeltaV v11.3.1 without configuring it to power a coriolis meter. It seems to function as per datasheet but we are getting CIOC error in the Diagnostic that comes in everytime that CHARM is scanned.
  • As Matt pointed out, the 24 VDC Power CHARM is supported with v12.3 of DeltaV or greater. The Power CHARM will power a field device in DeltaV v11.3.x, but you cannot see diagnostics on the individual Power CHARM channel and it may generate diagnostic errors on the CIOC.
  • In reply to Ben Bishop:

    As we found out, it does generate false diagnostic errors (CHARM and CIOC redundancy) in DeltaV diagnostics. It was unfortunate that this CHARM was sold to us and installed inadvertently during our migration from Provox I/O. It took a while to diagnose only to find out that the cause of the error was due to unrecognized CHARM. I thought CHARMS was supposedly version independent but this one is probably an exception.