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AMS Data Export

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to pull specific product information (i.e. serial numbers) from the AMS database? Looking at an AMS backup file and it does really have any meaning to it. It would be advantageous if a person was able to pull bulk data from your devices when looking at site critical sparing or just getting a handle of what the site installation looks like. I've just never come across a way to pull that information out of AMS other than a manual one by one process. 

Even if I could get the information in a certain format then we could write some script to pull specific data out.

Let me know you thoughts, thanks!

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  • Open the device dashboard in AMS Device Manager and go to "File" drop down and chose "Export All". Use excel and open the file. All device data are there.
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    There is also an external tool that can be used if you have thousands of devices on your system, the tool gates exports to smaller chunks of data and spreads it out over time.
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  • Hi,
    Device Information can be extracted from Generic Export File for multiple devices at time.
    to extract information follow these steps - Launch AMS Device Manager --> in Device Explorer View Click on AMS Device Manager --> Export --> Select Generic Export File --> Select device/s for which information extraction --> Select Date & Time Range --> file will save on default path.

    Once export done, open excel file & drag/drop exported .xml file & follow prompt. Search parameter/s looking for.
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    What Tool are you referring to? I am exporting a few thousand tags of various Manufacturers using AMS Bulk export and seem to be limited to 50 tags per export.
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    Hi MPHymel,
    I am also interested in external tool for device parameter export.
    Kindly advise
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    in your c:\AMS\BIN folder you should find a GenExDeviceParams.exe file.

    This can be run, and be patient it will appear to lock but it takes time to populate.

    The may not be a supported tool, meaning BOL may not cover it's use, and it may one day no longer work, but it has worked for us, we are version 14.1.1

    The utility runs in the background and will take some to to progress through all your instruments.

    Hope this helps.