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HART DD/ DTM file vs AMS DM vs NE-107 alarm mapping - question on how matured is this mapping in avoiding nuisance alarm?

Hi members,

I've issue with current AMS DM & AMS Analyze installation since the alarm coming to me is abundant. When we dig up the details of type of alarm, it does not make sense on Recommended action. Then come to my assumption that, the device manufacturer does not deeply connected to EMERSON programmer for design the AMS DM and AMS Analyze. Furthermore, how does the programmer really understand what to look at when certain device alarm popped up?

Previously I was under Maintenance team, and currently under Reliability team to look further for technology utilization. Currently, I'm developing FMEA library for Field Instrumentation and came across with Failure Mode for Device and find it difficult to know how does the mapping being done to correctly assigned to which NE-107 category and its recommend action.

Really appreciate for you to read this and hopefully I can get some respond.