AMS Device Manager connected to ABB 800xA, AC800F

Hi, We are about to invest in AMS Device manager and are using ABB 800xA with controller AC800F. As I understand there´s some experience doing this with AC800M. If anyone have some inputs about this case please let me know. We are using both wired and wireless device.

//Par Bjorklund

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  • The ABB System Interface lets AMS Device Manager be used to view and configure HART devices connected to I/O modules supported by the ABB System 800xA control system.

    AMS Device Manager Client SC or Server Plus software can be installed on an ABB Station

    assuming PC hardware and software requirements are met, or on a separate PC.

    The ABB Station must have the 800xA station software installed and configured for AMS Device

    Manager to communicate with HART instruments connected using the ABB Controller.

    Only 1 ABB system interface can be configured on an AMS Device Manager Station.

    The ABB System Interface requires:

    • The ABB Network is licensed in AMS Device Manager.

    • The ABB Station software version is 5.1 as well as the "Performance Pack" enhancement release are licensed from ABB.

    • Use of the AC 800M series controllers.

    Eric Snyder | NA PAM Platform Sales Development | Process Systems & Solutions

    Emerson Automation Solutions

  • In reply to Eric Snyder:

    Contact your local ABB rep or distributor. Here's mine. ABB. They have pretty good tech support guys.

  • Well, changing our controllers from AC800F to 800M series is not going to happen...but I heared about  Trebing-Himstedt TH-link and it seems to work. I´ll take a deeper look at that solution.