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DCC Forced setpoints

The force setpoint discrete output F_OUT_D is based on the logical PED (Positive Edge Detection).

I have a requirement to stop a motor only in CAS mode, on a condition with a delay on timer of 120 seconds.

If the operator changed the mode to Auto in the middle of the timer and then the 120 seconds delay on timer elapsed, the motor will not stop and that is right.

But, if the operator returned back the motor to CAS mode and the the condition is still true but after the elapse of 120 seconds, which means that the PED has already finished, then the motor will not stop.

Is there is a solution in that case, if the operator returned to CAS mode, then follow the forced setpoint value and stop the motor.


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  • You could add mode into the expression, but that would cause the timing to restart when the put it back into CAS. The only other way i can think of to accomplish what you want is put your condition and delay in a condition block somewhere else, and use the Output of that and mode=CAS to be your force setpoint trigger. If you are using class based modules though, that is a bit ugly.