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Controller Faceplate

1. When cascading controller from one module to another, how do I tie in the Back_cal out of one controller to the Back_cal in of the other using special parameters?

2. Why does the controller faceplate appear without the pin symbol on the HMI and yet other times it is there? This makes it difficult to access 2 controller faceplates at the same time.

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  • in cascade controller two controller faceplate are required. you can open one controller faceplate on the delta v operate , pin it so that it can stable on the screen and after that you can open second controller faceplate .
  • Take a look at the sample cascade master and slave loops in the Module Template library.

    This shows how to use the module block. In the master you insert a module block that points to the slave loop. Now you can wire the Master.OUT to the SLAVE.CAS_IN.

    The slave loops requires two parameters at the top level of the diagram: CAS_IN Is an input wired the PID block CAS_IN and BKCAL_OUT is an output parameter wired to the PID/BKCAL_OUT. By having the two parameters in the slave module they appear as connectors in the module block.

    Special handling.
    DeltaV best practice is to read rather than do continuous writes. Writes to local modules in the same controller dont matter. But if the slave is in a different controller writing continuously would not be the best. So the module block construct modifies the CAS_IN parameter to actually be an external reference to the source of the wire connection in the master module.

    If you did not use the module block you would need to configure the CAS_IN as and external reference to the MASTER.OUT, and add an external reference I the master module to read the SLAVE.BKCAL_OUT, and wire the these accordingly. The module block makes this more graphical.

    Andre Dicaire

  • In reply to jamshid ferdosi:

    Parallel port dongles have been replaced with USB versions so if your machine doesn't have a parallel port, you will need to contact Emerson for a new USB version.

    Software media can be downloaded from Guardian but these requested revisions aren't supported anymore and unavailable.