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How does Proplus assign IP addresses to nodes?

Hello All,

The proplus doesn't use and assign consecutive IP addresses to new nodes right? Does anyone know the pattern? I want to use the IP address in between and I'm not sure if it reserved or not. I looked into books online and I only find the the reserve IP addresses starting from 10.4/8.128.41 to 47 for the Primay, 10.4.192. 1 to 254 for VMs, 10.5/9.128.16 to 47 for the Redundant, and the four IP addresses for the NTP server. Is the IP address between the proplus and the next node reserved?



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  • Hello Dominic,

    Are you trying to install a non-DeltaV machine on the network? If so, the IP addresses that you found in books online are the ones you should use. I would not try to crack the ProPlus pattern assigning the IP addresses yet.

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    Hello Brian,

    Thanks for replying. I was going to assign it to the NICs dedicated for the deltaV primary and secondary network of our VRTX and replication server. I already found the solution, and I will keep your recommendation in mind.

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  • For DeltaV Nodes, DeltaV creates the IP addresses with an increment of 4 starting from the Proplus of .6. If you are tyring to install another node using the DeltaV network, then you should assign an IP that is in between that increment. For example, .5, .6, .7, .9 and so on.
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    You should not use the IP addresses in between what the pro plus assigns. There is no guarantee that DeltaV will not use those addresses in the future. The safest way to get "free IP addresses" for use on the network by a non DeltaV node is to use the table of addresses in books online as Brian Crandall suggested above.