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Arbitration Reference in EM Class

Hi All,

Is there any specific reason to have the acquire and hold parameters in the ARB_COMP of ACQ_REL block in the EM to be External Referred and request for them to be connected to the device module directly instead of having them as Internal reference module as below ??

I made the composite Embedded and changed all these reference parameters from External Reference to Internal reference and referred them to the DEV1, DEV2 etc.. in the EM at the class level and its working with no issues for me.. and I feel this approach is easier and less time-consuming. 

So is there any specific reason for PCSD library EM to be having the composite parameter created as an External parameter and requested to connect directly to the control module instead of connecting them to DEV1, and DEV2 in the EM.. 

Thanks a lot for checking..

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  • If you are using Unit Aliasing in the EM configuration you want to use this method of External References otherwise using the internal reference to Module Block is preferred method.