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EM to be set to HOLD after few seconds it was in HOLD and came back to running sequence.

Hi All,

I found the following issue in the EM class,

When the EM is controlled from another EM and it was running through a command and due to a hold monitor condition (which is latched and released at the last step of the HOLD sequence) , the EM has gone to HOLD (where it does some action to stop & start devices)  and in last step of HOLD command sequence it is written to come to the running sequence step (before HOLD).. and all this happens perfectly...

My issue starts if we have another hold condition triggered in a few seconds once it came to the original sequence, then EM continues to be where it is and doesn't go to the HOLD sequence.

This happens both when the EM is running through any command or its waiting for a command from a higher-level EM and its command is undefined.

I had to write a separate one-shot logic such that whenever the Hold condition is triggered (was false before), I put the sequence to HOLD once.. and then it works.

Also, another issue I found was that even if the acquired EM is downloaded (lost from the higher level EM control), there are sometimes when the higher level continues in the same command as though nothing happened... It doesn't happen always but happens sometimes...

But is this the way the EM works ??


Thanks for reading and replying...

Have a great day...