deltaV operate configure text


I'm trying to configure a text on deltaV operate configure to toggle a input parameter in control studio

I'm trying to configure the text animations to do this but I keep losing my text when I save and switch to run.

Wondering what is the proper way of doing this?

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  • I am also running into similar issues. When I am on DeltaV Operate and switch to run, the text does not show. Wondering if you solved the issue with this? What was the root cause?
  • In reply to QCH:

    Typically when text is not visble online there is either a visibility animation or the text is on a layer that is hidden during runtime. Alternatively it could be the a colour animation setting it the same as the background. In the properties window a normal layer is -1 and visible should be set to True. Check the layer against something that is not dissapearing when you go online. Check the animation window, and search the scripts.
  • You should use button or reqtangl box as button and by using task wizard give path of your input peramiter
    In your case you are using text as button so I think you may giving patha of paramiter in visibility or something else in visibility if any object doesn't appear in run time 90% chance there is something wrong in visibility.