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Lo Limit/Cutoff Point Change in DVC6200 Positioners

Dear Emerson Support

We are using the following DVC6200 series positioner:

FW Rev = 6

SNO# F001539833

HW Rev=2

HART Rev=5

We configured Lo Limit/Cutoff point in our DVC6200 positioners at 10%. Now the positioner is in service and we want to change it to 5%. But the Valvelink is not allowing us to do so. Is this feature only editable when the valve is out of service?

If it requires the valve to be out of service, then when we will change the valve mode to be out of service, will the valve hold its position or will move to some extreme position?

Is there any DVC6200 document which clearly informs which features can be edited online and which need valve to be out of service?

Thanks in advance.



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  • Changing the Limit/ Cutoff point has an impact on the positioners response outside of those points, so it can be modified only when the instrument is out of service. When the valve/ instrument is taken out of service it will be at the last set point till it is placed back in service. Please make sure the set point from the controller is close to the valve position when taking the instrument back in service. ValveLink prompts you to take the instrument out of service when it is required.