BIFFI ICON 2000v4 Inching Valve Positioner Mode

Hi All,

We have several BIFFI ICON 2000v4 MOVs connected to Foundation Fieldbus segment. All of them working as an on/off valve except one which shall work as an inching valve. We are able to operate on/off valves from ICSS (sending open and close commands through fieldbus) and they are working fine. But the inching valve does not feed back the 'Positioner mode enabled' status signal when we choose position mode from the faceplate. The feedback signal should allow setpoint entry from faceplate to which valve needs to be positioned. My questions are:

1. Do inching or modulating BIFFI ICON 2000v4 MOVs have special configuration in terms of circuit board (for ex positioner board) and firmware?

2. Should inching MOV work with position request (setpoint value) received from fieldbus without having positioner card? 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • The BIFFI ICON2000v4 actuators that have been ordered for inching or continuous modulating services from Foundation Fieldbus commands and have the on-board positioner function activated during the factory manufacturing. The function can be activated also by the Service Team after the verification that the motor and the mechanical parts are suitable for the requested service. The positioner function activated is clearly recognizable by the 2-row alphanumeric display on the actuator operator interface that shows in the second line “R: xxx.x” that represents the last valid setpoint received.

    To enable the inching actuator to follow the position setpoint, it shall receive first a “Setpoint Enable” DO command.
    The actuator replies a “FF Position Available” DI status and from this moment the actuator can follow the setpoint received on the AO channel.
    The correct setting of the parameters “Dead Band” and “Motion Inhibit Time” help in an accurate positioning.

    For more specific analysis of the issue we recommend to contact our Service Team.