The LED Experience at Emerson Exchange 2018

Attendees of Emerson Exchange 2018 have had an opportunity to participate in our LED Experience. This new interactive exhibit brings the benefits of Emerson’s Appleton LED solutions to life.  If you are at the Exchange, I hope you will stop by and let us give you a tour!  If not, I want to share some images from the exhibit, so you can participate in our LED experience.  As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

Upon entering the LED experience, you are engulfed in a haze of yellow light, produced by a 70W high pressure sodium Mercmaster luminaire. High pressure sodium lighting is the traditional solution of choice for a multitude of harsh and hazardous location applications. 

On this first side of the exhibit, activities such as reading labels and a schematic and distinguishing wire colors on a terminal block help you experience lighting in a facility illuminated with high pressure sodium lighting.

Moving through a curtain to the LED side of the exhibit, the transformation is remarkable. (For those of us that grew up watching “The Wizard of Oz,” it is reminiscent of Dorothy waking up in the colorful world of Oz.)  Colors are vibrant, and labels and the schematic are crisp and easily deciphered.  The side to side comparison below illustrates the difference of the HPS scenario on the left versus the transformation to LED on the right. 


Several customers have challenged whether the two sides of the exhibit are identical. I assure you, they are.  Below, I have shared a few side by side comparisons of some of the activities, so you can see the visual improvements up close.

Compare the colors of the wires on the left to the right.  The higher color rendering index of the LED luminaire (nearly 4 times better), makes colors "pop".


See the two schematics below.  The clarity of the LED illuminated schematic is noticeably superior.


Besides the obvious visual improvements, translating to safety and productivity gains, the 24W LED solution provides an energy savings of over 65%, and generates far less heat. The maintenance savings is remarkable as well, with an LED solution providing over 100,000 hours of maintenance free operation, compared to an HPS solution which will require a lamp change approximately every 20,000 hours.  Considering luminaires are often inconveniently located with difficult access, lamp changes can require ladders or scissor lifts, which add additional expense and safety concerns.

Other subtle benefits of LED luminaires include “instant on” as compared to a high intensity discharge solution that requires warm up time, and high Tcodes, allowing for brighter luminaires in hazardous locations that were never possible before.

If you are with us in San Antonio, please stop by and Experience LED for yourself! If not, I hope you enjoy the photos, and please post any lighting questions.  Additional information on our LED lighting solutions can be found at  We'd love to help you find your ideal LED lighting solution!

Ellen Helm | Manager, Appleton Lighting |Electrical & Lighting