Learn about Companies seeing Savings By Moving Power Distribution Back into Hazardous Area at Emerson Exchange

Come join Mark Garton & myself next week at Emerson Exchange to discuss and learn more about savings achieved by moving power distribution back into the hazardous location.  

For facilities, being able to move electrical distribution closer to the electrical apparatus and equipment presents a cable cost-savings opportunity and a lower overall total cost of ownership. Easier maintenance, installation, and operation through the use of component level protection in easy to access, stainless steel enclosures becomes possible. Instead of traditional bolts on heavy NEMA 7 cast aluminum enclosures, these enclosures allow for quarter-turn latches which require no torquing or specialized tools for servicing. Additionally, the factory sealed design of these solutions means there's no need for additional seals or barrier glands during installation. This panel solution offers replaceable, standard breakers and the ability for field expansion, giving  end users flexibility and convenience in configuration with a smaller footprint than the legacy cast switch rack alternative.

Every project has installation challenges & costs associated with engineered-to-order cast panels, including design lead times and dedicated heavy installation equipment can be reduced through the use of component level protection.  Long power cable installations are reduced by eliminating most home run cables.  Complex inventory management of specialized breakers was reduced by allowing for standard, off the shelf replacements.  

The Appleton PlexPower solution allowed for the power distribution cabinets to be moved back into the hazardous areas while simplifying maintenance, reducing inventory complexity, and providing flexibility for Exxon's blowers and pumps.  This solution speeds up installation time, reduces home run cables and simplifies ongoing maintenance.