AMS insists our Fisher 6200 is a 5000?

We are at DeltaV 14.3.1, and AMS  We are just about to startup after a turnaround.  We replaced a number of valve during the TAR, but none have exhibited this problem.  Both DeltaV Explorer and AMS thinks our new valve with a 6200AD positioner is the old 5000 series postioner.

What I've tried:  Deleted the DST, disabled the channel, and downloaded the AO card.  No change.

Manually told DeltaV Explorer that we had a DVC6200 attached and downloaded the card again.  It now has the correct icon in DeltaV, but AMS still thinks it is a 5000 series when we open it there.  Data from the new positioner is showing up in the fields of the 5000 in AMS.  

Shutdown the local Pro machine and rebooted the AMS server.  Restarted the Pro machine.  Re-scanned the entire card in AMS.  AMS still shows it as a 5000 positioner.

Any ideas?



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