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Using a Trex to communicate with a 4-wire device with Active HART output

Hello, I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has on the AMS Trex queries below:

  1. How to connect the Trex to 4-wire devices with Active HART output? e.g. an E+H Promag 300/500 or a Rosemount 8750. A wiring diagram would be most helpful.
  2. We tried to edit an offline config for a Promag 300/500 (DD rev1 Device Rev 2) on the Trex, but there were only 4 or 5 generic editable fields, which is not what we expected. Is there any reason why that’s the case? We used a DD that was already installed on the Trex, not a manually installed one. 
  3. We managed to connect to the Promag meter using Passive HART output. When we saved the config file for the Promag on the Trex, it must have taken a good 20 minutes for it to save, resulting in a 7-page PDF printout. Is there any reason why it took so long? Is it down to the sheer number of parameters and the slow HART communication speed?
  4. We also noticed some parameters were duplicated on the PDF printout. If anyone could shed some light on that as well, that would be really helpful.

Many thanks,