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Are MTL4850 HART Mux and W&T 58665 Ethernet Hub not supported by AMS v10.1?

Hello Gents,

I don't know if this is the right place to post my problem on AMS.

It seems that these devices (MTL4850 HART Mux and W&T 58665 Ethernet Hub) are not supported by AMSv10.1 as they are not in the list of supported HART Multiplexers and peripherals in the Release Notes found in the AMS v10.1 CD.

Can someone shed light on this?

Thanks for your reply.

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  • Hello , I moved your question to here where our AMS experts reside. Stay tuned...

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    Rachelle McWright: Business Development Manager, Dynamic Simulation: U.S. Gulf Coast

  • MTL 4850 & W&T 58665 are not supported in AMS Device Manager v10.1. AMS Device Manager v11.1.1 and greater supports the MTL4850 HART Multiplexor.
  • In reply to ScottHokeness:

    In addition to support for the MTL4850 HART Multiplexer there are many reasons why a version upgrade may provide additional benefits to you as an AMS Device Manager user - please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in justifying an upgrade based upon your needs as a business. Barring any integration constraints the latest v13.5 offers users AMS View as a way to bring mobile information reporting to the solution users.
  • Thank you sirs for your responses. But I was able to communicate with these devices including the HART field devices using AMS v10.1. Please consider it solved.