We all want to improve the performance of our process plant shutdowns, but just where do we start ?

With all the changes in automation technology over the last 10 years, improvements have become available to help control worklists and reduce durations. Often this is gradual change and we don’t take the opportunity to step back and see just what can be done differently now.

Having spent 20+ years in operations & engineering in the chemical industry and then the last year with Emerson, I’ve now seen Shutdowns from two very different perspectives

Next Tuesday the 12th Jul, I’ll be hosting a live interactive webinar  “How to reduce the risk in your next Shutdown, Turnaround or Outage?”

During the webinar I’ll share ideas I’d wish I had known more about when I was on site – it would be great to hear some views from other end users who have worked on planned shutdowns – why not register & join the conversation?