FIRSTHAND Podcast: How to Approach Energy Management Projects

   discusses Energy Management on the podcast FIRSTHAND. Project planning offers insights into operational issues that can be equated to possible fuel savings, emissions reductions, improving performance, and increasing reliability on #FIRSTHAND

Podcast: How to Approach Energy Management Projects

We have several use cases where customers have achieved success with their energy projects, and I can give you some example from numerous industries. A chemical company using process waste gas as a fuel source which help reduce their natural gas consumption by a million BTUs and also reduce emissions by 30%.

A petrochemical company achieving a 35% reduction in energy consumption and achieving payback within two months within their distillation units. A pulp and paper company who achieved boiler efficiency improvements in excess of 3%, providing payback within 24 months and beating their own initial expectations.

An aromatics plant that delivered savings of €2.1 million within their distillation unit. And finally, a steel producer who gained a 56% internal rate of return against the forecasted 46% within their powerhouse operations by improving electrical power production by 26%.