Industrial Energy Efficiency by Emerson

Energy Efficiency is increasingly becoming a concern for process plants. A more energy efficient plant helps reduce operating costs and at the same time improve reliability, safety and asset lifespan.

Steam lines, Boilers, Heat Exchangers are just examples of elements you should consider as targets for potential improvements.

Are you concerned about optimizing fuel mix to heat your boilers?  Our best in class Gas Chromatography analyzers will offer you full insight into gas composition and calorific value.

Steam lines are likely to be a significant part of your plant and perhaps a significant source of concern. You might know that malfunctioning steam traps are not really desirable, but are you aware of the impact it has on your energy bill and the potential safety and reliability hazards it poses? Emerson’s Steam trap monitoring solution allows you to implement remedial action within minutes.

Or you might want to have improved flow visibility of your energy vectors but can’t afford to stop your process. Did you know that Emerson can help you with flowmeters that don’t require expensive shutdowns to be installed?

At a higher level you might be struggling with gaining overall visibility of your energy consumption and where improvements can be made. Energy Advisor, our Energy Management Information System might be what you’ve been looking for.

These are just simple examples of how we try our very best to help our customers solve their challenges.

To find out how we can help YOU, contact your local Emerson office or write to