Successful Burner Management Systems (BMS) migration at Saudi Arabia's largest oil export terminal

With the capacity to produce over seven million barrels per day, Saudi Aramco Company Abqaiq plants comprise the largest oil processing and crude stabilisation facility in the world. Abqaiq is the main oil processing center for Arabian Extra Light (AXL) and Arabian Light (AL) crude oils and produces natural gas liquids (NGL) as a bi-product for Saudi Aramco’s daily oil processing activities.

To support both the oil and gas plants, Abqaiq Plants produce their own electrical power, steam, instrument air, and water. 

So when it came down to the ensuring a trouble free migration for the facilities Industrial Boilers the Industrial Energy team complemented the project's project team. Scott Pettigrew, senior industrial energy consultants led the technical consulting to establish a smooth transition to the DeltaV SIS based BMS systems. 

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