Real-time data collection, analysis and reporting solutions for electrical rotating equipment.

Day 1 of the exchange saw increasing interest in monitoring electrical power consumption for equipment such as compressors, fans, pumps.

In one case we have revealed excessive power consumption across a number of compressors and it became obvious why one compressor needed significantly greater maintenance than the other 2. The value and benefit of real-time analysis has allowed the site to undertake rectification work to improve overall reliability and reduce wear on compressor loading.

If you would like to learn more about this trial please make contact with Matt Austin. His email address is 

Emerson's Energy Advisor, wireless power meters and a robust wireless communication network could offer a solution to integrate with other energy monitoring requirements for key equipment, units and across a site. Having web based access to 'on demand reports' gives access locally at sites and across to central operations helping to deliver a site's goals to move towards upper quartile performance. 

If you are affected by mandates to improve energy efficiency, looking to 'see' into your plant and drive out sources of waste, reduce emissions and contribute to the overall energy efficiency at your site we would be happy to demonstrate the technology at the Industrial Energy booth today and tomorrow.

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Business Development Manager, EMEA

Operational Certainty Consulting Group

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