Energy Audit Whitepaper

I saw an email to an Energy Audit whitepaper that I wanted to pass along. It provides a brief overview of the process of performing a powerhouse energy survey. Emerson's Chip Rennie describes the process:

Surveys typically take about four days at the powerhouse site. The effort begins with a review of existing documentation and meetings with management and operations personnel. These discussions are used to understand the current operating state, the particular constraints and business situation in place, the existing instrumentation and controls status, and any ideas for potential improvement.

The site effort continues with Emerson energy experts completing walk-downs and field reviews of the power and utility processes. This effort is undertaken to review the condition of the mechanical equipment, instrumentation, and end control devices currently in place. The objective is to determine the suitability of the processes and their control devices for operating under highly automated and optimized control scenarios.

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